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Evolution of Fit - Workspace Ergonomics

-Workspace Ergonomics and Bike Fit-


Learning to work smarter and pay more attention to our lives off the bike can truly help us with our cycling. Addressing workspace and bike fit together is crucial!



Last week we touched on how your fit can change as you age (read here). There are a number of factors in your life -off the bike- that directly affect how you feel -on the bike-. Workspace is among them and occasionally you need to make changes to your position to help you find balance and efficiency. The team here at Studio Velo is here to ensure you’re having the best possible experience, understanding how your workspace affects your cycling is part of our expertise.



Thankfully, the science of bicycle fit has progressed right along with the evolution of workspace ergonomics. At Studio Velo, along with the investments in training and continuing education, we have a network of physical therapists, Pilates instructors, coaches, massage therapists and other healthcare professionals with whom we work, share ideas and learn from. One such partner is Renew Physical Therapy.



Here's what they had to say about how bike fit and workspace are connected.

- What are common symptoms of poor workspace cyclists should be aware of?
 Some common symptoms that many cyclists may experience on the bike but possibly are stemming from their workstation are
- numbness/tingling in the hands
- neck and shoulder pain
- low back pain. 

- What can we do to be more aware or what are good "on the bike” habits?

We encourage cyclists to "keep moving" while on the bike.  Cycling tends to utilize only one plane of motion and doing a simple thing as reaching one hand overhead, out to the side, and behind the back can help with relieving tension in the neck and shoulders and prevent repetitive stress injuries in the upper body.  Other helpful movements include "chin tucking"  which is simply tucking your chin in and pulling your head and neck back to help "reset" your neck muscles to avoid excessive stress on the neck.


Most of us get a little lost when we dive deep into our work. For example, when you type you might hold your shoulders up to your ears and carry a great deal of tension in your upper back and neck. Most people do so without realizing. Other common habits include standing with your weight favored on one leg, slouching or simply staying stationary for too long. Symptoms such as knee pain or hand numbness surface and you have a hard time staying comfortable on long rides. So you might pin the blame on aging or blame the bike… let’s not blame the bike, let’s help you understand how it’s all connected.


- poor posture and workspace demonstrated here -


The first thing to do is make sure your bike is accurately set up. You need to eliminate the bike as the cause or aggravator of any symptom. Talk to us about what you’re experiencing and we can adjust your position to provide relief and allow you to continue cycling safely and comfortably. Sometimes these are only temporary changes while you address your workspace and become more conscious of your habits off the bike ergonomically. Then you can always come back to that long and low Tour De France position when you feel up for it.



Communication is crucial, let us know what your ailments are. Don’t ignore even the most mild discomfort. Maybe it’s not a big deal, the point being, the more the SV team knows, the better we can do what we do to support you. All of us have experienced these issues and we’re happy to help you overcome them. Haven’t had a fit check in a while, give us a shout.




Questions about fits?
Contact us: colin@studiovelocycling.com or call 415-380-1882