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Our Bike Fit Technology and Our Fit Studios

The most important dynamic between any rider and bike is fit. When you and your bike are really dialed in, it's a different experience.

Our bike fit technology is grounded in the latest science. We employ the Retül fit system to achieve the perfect balance between performance and comfort on the bike. Retül is a state-of- the-art 3-D motion capture system designed specifically for collecting the most accurate and realistic data for achieving optimal muscle recruitment and preventing injury. As an objective data capture device, the Retül fit system allows us to treat each bicycle fit on a case by case basis: your body provides unfiltered, impartial feedback that we then translate directly into the perfect fit. In conjunction with the Retül fit system, Colin employes the powerful Guru DFU™, the first computerized robotic assisted bicycle fitting system that allows a rider to find the perfect fit while riding in real time.

The philosophy at Studio Velo is, however, that each and every fit & body is unique. This is fundamental to how our professional bike fitters approach each and every fit. We all have different goals and riding styles, but our fitter believes one thing holds true for every rider: your best efforts in the saddle happen when you take the time to get the best bike fit.