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Evolution of Fit: The Encore

- Tools are Only as Good as the User -


At Studio Velo, we’ve implemented a variety of tools and technology over past decade in an effort to elevate the quality of the services we provide to you, our valued client. The costs of these tools are significant, yet these investments are made when we are able to dramatically improve your experience on the bike. When making investments in fit tools, fit technology, and bicycle fitting devices, however, one must remember that the tools are only as good as the user. 



The experience obtained over years by a bicycle fitter plays a far deeper role than many are lead to believe. Buying a motion-capture bicycle fitting system (like Retul) doesn’t automatically qualify you as a professional, competent bicycle fitter; neither does a 5-day fit course by a bike manufacturer. Anyone can buy a fit system and build a website. For that matter, anyone can buy a tig welder and build a frame. I don’t want to ride a frame that was made by someone who took a week-long class and bought a torch, however. I’ll trust the masters and happily pay for it. The same goes for bicycle fitting. Not all fittings are equal. Experience is paramount and the fitting team at Studio Velo has performed countless fits for athletes of all abilities.



For an experienced fitter, motion capture systems provide a wealth of information. It takes many years of experience to understand how to apply the various tools and methodologies we study in the science of bicycle fitting. It also takes years of cycling immersion to understand all of the different types of riders there are out there. Not every fit methodology can be universally applied. The right questions need to be asked based on accurate observations that can only come from experience, and for that matter, passion.



Your position on a bike is affected by a multitude of variables. Core strength, flexibility, range of motion, injury history, goals, anatomy and age to name a few. Triathletes, road cyclists, mountain bikers, old, young, big, small… you get the idea. It’s our job to understand all the aforementioned realities and variables.



This is why we know we are at the leading edge of fitting. It’s why we continue to learn and invest in what’s easily the most important aspect of having a high quality cycling experience.  We believe in accurate fit based on the individual we’re working with.



Our promise to you is to continue to study and invest in this aspect of our business. We can confidently say we’re masters. We are master fitters and master mechanics, we’ve been doing this for a long time.




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