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Summer Cycling Trips: What to Pack


Summer Travel: What to Pack

By Aaron Allen & Colin Beardsley


With the summer travel season in full swing, we thought we’d share what our guides will be packing for both of our upcoming trips to Europe, plus a few tips to help keep you comfortable and riding back to back days.


There are often mishaps with airlines, (no news to any of us). So one thing to remember, is to pack certain things in your carry on. It’s a good idea to bring your shoes, pedals, saddle, helmet and one kit in your carry on bag in the event the airline decides to put your bags on a flight to somewhere far from your destination. Aside from that, here’s my list.


  • Base layers from ASSOS: both short sleeve and sleeveless.
  • ASSOS Cento bib: the only bib I ride. The Cento is the “long distance bib” and actually has a slightly thicker pad and is patterned to be more comfortable over longer rides.
  • Comfortable clothing for pre and post ride. We’ll be doing a fair amount of riding so when I'm off the bike, recovering in comfy clothing is ideal.
  • Chamois cream… a must. Rain jacket: often forgotten since we live in California, something packable and light that doubles as a wind jacket. The Velocio ES Rain jacket is a stand out.
  • There are also travel essentials like ear plugs, sunblock and anything you might need from your medicine cabinet. Sometimes allergies can be rough when traveling.



I’ve been an ASSOS fan for many years and have ridden in 3 generations of bib shorts over the past 15 years. Simply put, I wouldn’t travel with anything less. Riding multiple days means less recovery between rides and we’ve got some big days in the Pyrenees this year. 


In general, I plan on the same thing I wear all the time in the Bay Area but will add in a few emergency weather pieces. The outfit is almost always; bibs, base layer, jersey with a lightweight vest. Here’s my short list. 


  • ASSOS Equipe Evo Bibs: Although the Cento is a nicer short, the Equipe is a slightly more compressive, tighter fit and simply fits me better. Our Studio Velo bib shorts are the Equipe model but I’ll bring a couple extra.
  • ASSOS SkinFoil short sleeve summer base layer: This is a must. Simple.
  • ASSOS Cento Jersey: This is a fine piece of clothing. I love the material and fit and plenty of room in the pockets for loading up extra food just in case our guests get a bit hungry  on the road.
  • Vest… Always bring a vest. Always.
  • Aside from the foundation items above, you can never have enough of the right accessory items. I always want fresh socks… and the right socks. I’m a fan of moderately thicker socks such as the ones from Kitsbow. A little extra padding goes a long way on day 5-6-7. Other must bring items include arm warmers, knee warmers and even an extra pair of gloves.
  • Last but not least, I’ll be bringing my saddle and pedals in my carry on bag.



Still unsure what you should bring on your cycling adventure? Stop in and chat with the team. We are happy to help, and might even be able to make additional suggestions on areas to ride.
- ​Safe Travels -