Introducing the Trail 429 from Pivot

It’s the bike we’ve been waiting for for some time now. It’s predecessor, the 429 Trail (yes it’s a little confusing - 429 Trail = predecessor, and Trail 429 = new) has been the most successful bike Pivot has ever built, so its replacement needed to be something special.


This bike does not disappoint on any level. While the amount of travel has only changed slightly (going from 116mm to 120mm in rear wheel travel), Pivot made some more noticeable changes to the geometry. Shorter chainstays, a more relaxed head tube angle, a steeper seat tube angle, and a longer top tube all lead to a totally refined ride quality. Pairing the super boost rear hub spacing with the split link and shortened chainstays has made great improvements to the back end stiffness and responsiveness. It handles technical terrain with confidence and accelerates out of corners with surprising speed. The slacker head angle and longer top tube place the rider in a comfortable position for steeper or more technical down hills, but the magicians at Pivot have managed to accomplish all of this while still improving climbing performance.


We also really like the aesthetics of this bike. Let’s be honest, we’re particular, and it’s OK to judge aesthetics when considering a new bike. The straighter top tube and subtle paint schemes look great in pictures, but even better in person in our opinion.


Most importantly, this bike is just fun to ride. It’s the bike that makes you want to ride more. And ultimately, that’s what it’s all about. Come by and see one in person; you won’t be disappointed.

Taylor Walker