It's All About The Fit - Contact Points

The world of bike fit is ever evolving and thankfully in response, the contact point components, handlebars and saddles are continually improving as well. Cyclists are currently faced with more options than ever and while daunting, there’s method to the madness. We promise. In this story, we will break it down for you.

First, let’s pause and be thankful we aren’t still riding these ancient saddles! While they did the job, there is no denying they just plain hurt.

It’s important to recognize that changing equipment, especially when saddles are involved, often results in the need to revisit your fit. New saddles typically require adjustments to the relative position of your saddle. The best example would be, if you are trading in a more traditional saddle, Selle Italia or Fizik, for something like the Specialized Power range of saddles, there will be a dramatic difference with how you will be positioned on the bike. The shape, length and width between these saddle types is so vast that it’s nearly impossible to simply swap one for the other, while relying on the fore and aft positioning of your original saddle. You will almost certainly sit differently causing your posture on the bike to change. These may seem like small changes but can have a tremendous effect on your comfort and output on the bike. To boil it down, changing your saddle, means you should also check your fit.


With the increasing number of skilled fitters, our voice has become louder and the industry has listened. As a result, along with the increasing variety of saddle designs, handlebars have also become shorter and shallower. These changes slowly evolved over time because shift lever shapes changed and more often than not, shorter and shallower setups suited the average cyclist. While we don’t all have professional cyclist flexibility, it comes down to ergonomics and comfort, something that is specific to each individual.


While there are more shops and services offering bike fitting services, you will find there’s now a fairly broad range of skill levels. At Studio Velo, we have been and will remain at the absolute top of the game in this regard. You will not find a more highly skilled or regarded group of fitters. Our team is open minded, listens well to your individual goals and will always tailor your fitting to your specific needs. Although, anyone could train for their bike fit certification, experience is critical. The SV team has invested in some of the industry’s most high-end technical equipment, as well as ongoing continuing education for our fit staff. We also openly share what we know with our peer fitters in an effort to provide a collaborative environment and positive experience for everyone in our community.


We are here to make sure your experience is the best it can be. In the world of fit, we have a vast array of tools, techniques and products that can help us to help you become more comfortable and efficient on the bike. If you’ve purchased a saddle or if you think you’d like to explore what a new saddle might provide for you (comfort, better overall physical alignment and efficiency) please contact us!

Taylor Walker