Our Fit Studio

Fit is the most important dynamic between rider and bike. It is a completely different experience when your bicycle becomes an extension of your body. At Studio Velo, you will find cutting edge fitting technology and equipment along with a selection of the finest products available to help you achieve your cycling goals. Most importantly, you will find highly skilled, educated and experienced fit specialists who care about your cycling experience.

The philosophy at Studio Velo is that your body is unique; therefore, your bike fit will also be unique. This is fundamental to how our professional bike fitters approach each and every bicycle fitting. We all have different goals and riding styles, but our fitters believe one thing holds true for every rider: your best efforts in the saddle happen when you take the time to get the best bike fit. Please review the options outlined below and select the service that is right for you.

We look forward to working with you!




(Your current bike)

PRICE: $295

DURATION: 2.5 hours

A proper bike fit is the single most important factor for optimal performance, injury prevention, and comfort on the bike. Accurate fit provides the rider with the most efficient means of expending energy, while helping prevent pain that is common in the knee, hip, and lower back. This happens quite often with riders who are trying to adapt their bodies to a bike they have already purchased. Studio Velo employs an array of fitting equipment including Retül motion capture and Purely Custom’sPureFit bike fitting software. While we employ the use of cutting-edge technology, a truly accurate fitting comes from our highly trained and experienced fitters. We continually explore new methodologies and resources to ensure the services we provide are of the highest caliber. The end result is a seamless connection between bike and rider, maximizing efficiency and performance while avoiding discomfort and injury. Our bike fitters will perform these steps for you:

  • Rider Interview — we discuss your injury history, any discomforts while riding, riding experience and cycling goals.

  • Postural and Movement Assessment — we identify any tightness, weaknesses or structural asymmetries. This may highlight further areas that can be improved with dedicated physiotherapy, pedaling technique, or cycling strength and conditioning sessions.

  • Measurement — we document your current position on the bike and all information from our interview and physical assessment.

  • Contact Point Assessment— we assess your shoe-foot-pedal relationship, saddle position and hand-grip positions.

  • Documentation — at the conclusion of your fit session, the final position is documented using both Retül and Pure Position software

  • Adjustments and Advice — if you need to change your bars, stem, seat post, saddle or any other components to achieve the perfect position, we will advise you on the most suitable options.



PRICE: $395

DURATION: 3.5 hours

With hundreds of brands and models of bikes available, making the right choice can be a daunting task. An ill-informed purchase can result in wastedmoney and an ill-fitting or inappropriate bike.Further, the wrong bicycle choice often leadsto injury. The needs of different types of cyclists, riding at different levels and in different events necessitates an individual approach to bike choice, something you don’t often get at traditional retail outlets. Once we have undertaken our initial bike fit assessment,we take you through the range of sizes, geometries, manufacturers and models that will best suit your needs.

This service involves everything included in the Professional Bike Fit,with the addition of a review of your position as it relates to various bikes, brands, makes and models and final recommendations on what bicycleswillsuit you best. Our experts will also determine details includingcomponent selectionand final set up to ensure that your bike is an extension of your body, ready to maximize your efforts and comfort on the bike.



(Includes insoles)

Price: $200

Duration: 50 minutes

Overall physical alignment starts at the feet. Achieving proper arch support as well as foot and lower leg alignment helps create a strong foundation for a better fit, not to mention increased power and efficiency. Our custom footbeds require a one hour appointment for evaluation, molding and fitting.