Steamboat Springs, CO

Moots Cycles, nothing short of a legend, is a titanium maker offering road, gravel, adventure, mountain and cross bikes. They have decades of frame building experience and the level of craftsmanship is second to none. The balanced ride character of these fine machines is as beautiful as those famous welds. Frames, seat posts, and stems are all fabricated inhouse, start-to-finish in Steam Boat Springs, CO.





Beverly, MA.

Parlee manufactures the best riding carbon bikes in the world. They offer full custom geometry as well as stock geometry road, gravel and triathlon/time trial bikes. In a world of cookie cutter carbon, Parlee breaks the mold by crafting not only a ride feel rarely attained but they’re also the most durable carbon bikes out there. Parlee also builds several models in house in Beverly, MA.





Tempe, AZ

Pivot builds with no compromise. They use the best carbon, select the best components and their quality control process is more precise and critical than anyone. Pivot never pushes products to market nor do they follow trends blindly. The results are mountain bikes that far outperform and last longer than anything out there. Pivot offers bikes in multiple wheel sizes across a broad range of disciplines.





Little Rock, AR

Allied builds without compromise, from design to delivery. They have brought together some of the best people in the industry and made their home in Little Rock, Arkansas, where they design, build and paint all of their bikes. While the company is young, their team has years of experience designing and manufacturing. Allied’s vision for the brand goes beyond simply building world class bikes right here in America. They believe in building community and understand the connection between rider and bike.





Givisiez, Switzerland

Scott Sports is an engineering powerhouse. If there’s one thing to say about Scott, it’s that they make purpose built race bikes that do exactly what they are intended to do: go very fast. Scott bicycles appear often on world championship podiums across road, mountain and triathlon disciplines.





Santa Barbara, CA

Stinner is a younger builder crafting some absolutely stunning bikes. Stinner builds in titanium, steel and stainless steel. Each bike is made in house in Santa Barbara, one at a time for you. Stinner’s paint designs are refreshing and extremely well done and the bikes ride as good as they look. They offer custom and stock geometry.





Treviso, Italy

Basso has a rich heritage in Italian bicycle manufacturing starting in the 1970s. Basso builds in carbon and steel and still makes everything in their headquarters in Italy. Fine Italian made race bikes, pure and simple.





Denver, CO

Alchemy covers the broadest range of materials offering steel, titanium and carbon. They make road, cross, gravel, and mountain bikes in all materials. Alchemy has earned a number of awards for design and construction along the way and show no signs of slowing down. Alchemy builds stock and custom geometry in all materials in Denver, CO.