“When friends ask about my recent cycling trip to Japan, I answer: I went with high expectations and those expectations were exceeded. It was truly an epic experience.”

-- By Anonymous (Southern Japan, May 2019)


I had a wonderful time! The northern Girona region of Spain is stunning and our daily ride route provided the perfect balance of challenging terrain and rewarding views. Ultimately, it was the people involved that made this trip so memorable - smart, FUNNY, positive, thoughtful, engaging and curious. A very special group. The SV Travel team exceeded expectations w/ this tour, and did an incredible job orchestrating the many elements (group dynamics, home base location, daily routes, menus, cultural activities, hospitality and support) that made the 2018 Girona Trip such a success. The food deserves special recognition -locally sourced, fresh, festive, plentiful, and beautifully presented. SO good! Muchas Gracias and Bravo SV Travel. Looking forward to more adventures in the saddle together in 2019!

-- By Carla Bourque (Northern Spain, May 2018)

Studio Velo trips are the highlight of our year for several reasons. First, impeccable and thorough attention to detail make it a true vacation. We don't have to plan, think, or take responsibility for anything, knowing we can trust the team.Secondly, the camaraderie between guests most often leads to new friendships post trip. Thirdly, discovering new regions and the local culture expands our cultural horizons. Fourthly, tailoring the rides to the groups ability both challenges and expands each individuals ability as a cyclist. Lastly, plain and simple, great fun!

-- Loring Sagan (Southern Spain, May 2017)



Such a great trip! Exciting, exhilarating, enchanting! We are smitten!

-- Andy Cunningham (Southern Spain, May 2017)

The Ladies MOOTS trip with SV:Travel exceeded my expectations on every level. Not only was the experience of Colorado's mixed terrain on world-class gravel bikes from MOOTS stellar, the SV Staff made participating easy and the entire trip turn-key.

-- Marisa W. (Ladies Moots Trip, Spring 2017)



The SV team hosted an exceptional trip. The road selections were scenic and had virtually no cars, the food was healthy and exceptionally delicious and local, safety was always a priority. The guides did an excellent job making the trip challenging and enjoyable for a wide range of cycling abilities. The support staff were talented and skilled, including the bike mechanic and massage therapist. I'm looking forward to next year's trip!

-- Nick R. Southern France, June 2018

The France trip is our third SV Travel trip in five years, and we're already looking forward to the next one. As always, we found ourselves at a charming property that, on first glance, seemed more like an intimate destination wedding setting than a place from which to stage epic bike rides. From there, I loved that I could challenge myself on a well-thought-out mix of scenic and challenging rides, knowing that SAG, recovery, great food and wine, great company, and relaxation were all well taken care of. On the road, it was great knowing that the staff had the skills to route around changing weather and conditions, while coordinating and supporting multiple levels of skill and fitness. Even my wife, who doesn't ride, loves these trips for the wonderful dining and company, singular sites and itineraries, local connections, and photo ops that just don't exist in the broader market. Keep up the good work, and we'll be back for another one!

-- Diren (Southern France, June 2018)


I showed up not knowing anyone and left with a dozen new friends.

-- Brett (Southern France, June 2018)